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Puuritea Lifetime Membership

Lifetime membership in the Puuritea exlusive community. Guaranteed access to their anti-aging and world-wide concierge services. Become part of an influential community of around 1000 elites.



  • Contract Address

    Restricted Members Only

  • Token ID

    Restricted Members Only

  • Blockchain

    Ethereum (ETH)

  • Expiry


Auction Ends In:

  • 0Days
  • 0Hours
  • 0Mins
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Auction halted by Moderator. View comments below for details.


Bid History  

  • PRania: $2,400,000.00

  • Robinia: $2,190,111.00

  • olegark: $2,000,001.01

  • Princessa_X: $1,999,000.99

  • KatarinaY: $888,000.00



  • Moderator


    This auction is now locked. The reason is not the high price tag as some have said. The reason is because the business objected to the sale of the membership on legal grounds. We were contacted by Melanie Durfort (identify verified) from Puuritea regarding this auction sale. The NFT contract address and token id match the Puuritea membership of a member who recently passed away. Their estate was trying liquidate all assets including the membership since it is rare and difficult to obtain. However, M. Durfort confirmed that the community bylaws allow the transfer of a membership ONLY to a designated heir who is approved in advance by the community. The membership may NOT be sold and the sale would be meaningless because any community member needs to be approved by the community. The transfer/sale of Puuritea tea subscriptions is permitted (although frowned upon), but not the sale of a membership. Therefore, this auction is invalid and has been halted.

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